Why we still keep the Electrolyzed Neutral Water system?

  • 1. In the case of using an electrolytic bath with a membrane to separate acidic and alkaline water, this process causes serious economic losses. The alkaline water should be kept in a different tank or be abandoned from the bath because the process does not use the acidic and alkaline water simultaneously to produce acidic water. However, NaOClean is highly effective because it does not need this process. Having no membrane in the electrolytic bath makes the electrolyzed neutral water at once. This saves lots of high-quality disinfecting water.
  •   2. The electrodes of NaOClean do not need to be washed because residues are hardly left behind. However rarely some residues stick to the electrodes depending on the water condition. In such cases, however, NaOClean is relatively easy to clean.
  •   3. For the device that generates the low-level acid hypochlorite water, hydrochloric acid acts as the only disinfectant. Therefore, it is difficult to handle and purchase. NaOClean, however, only uses salt that makes it much easier to handle and purchase inexpensively. (But you may also use a prepared solution (HCI) depending on the purpose)
  •   4. In the case of using a high concentration sodium hypochlorite dilution device, it generates high-level sodium hypochlorite and inevitably produces a large quantity of hydrochloric acid gas. Because it is not fully electrolyzed in the electrolytic bath, it does not produce activated chlorine water. It is similar to the way of conventional disinfectants. Moreover, it should have a more complex structure to build. In the structure, electricity is wasted and great heat is generated that causes a problem of the breakdown of the components and corrosion. However, NaOClean generates a high activated disinfecting water by electrolyzing the water in the bath. Also, it has a simple structure, low electric consumption, and more durability.
  •   For this reasons,   "NaOClean" is a smart way to improve human health and the environment