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NaOClean (NaOCl)
-Disinfectant Generator
-Hand Washing System
-High pressure Washer
-Washing stand
NaOClean A (HOCl)
-Disinfectant Generator
-High pressure Washer
Disinfectant Generator (HOCl)
Sterilizing / Deodorizing / Easy / Safety "NaOClean"
Water pressure machines

Water pressure machines

Product Detail
01)PCB - 02)Outlet - 03)Main unit - 04)Handle - 05)Inner tank
06)Stainless steel material

Disinfectant Generator
AC 110 or 220V, 50/60Hz,
max. 1.4kW
W650 X D610 X H1300 mm
about 60kg
5.0~6.5 Weak hypochlorous acid
About 20~30ppm
Features of HOCl
1. A Cost effective
It is very economical that a small amount of HCl makes the large amount of disinfectant.

2. Strong Sterilizing power
It replaces the existing agricultural chemicals, and has much strong sterilizing power than chemicals.

3. Safe and Clear solution
When it compares to the existing agricultural chemicals, NaOClean make a safe and clear solution by generating disinfecting water unmixedly.

4. Prevent Diseases
Prevent diseases by eliminating germs on the crops, and keep the freshness materials without damage nutrients.

-Prevent microorganism such as bacteria and germs through sterilizing action
-Keep your health by minimizing harmful materials such as agricultural pesticide.
-Help to increase a trust of consumer by harvesting environment-friendly agricultural products.
(producing good fruit through using Electrolyzed water)

  Livestock industry

-Sterilize in your farm by spraying sanitizer.
-It can prevent many kinds of diseases of livestock.
  Fish / Meat / Vegetables processing plants

-It can disinfect more effectively and removes bad odor in many places where should be cleaned including feeding facilities, kitchens, restrooms, floors and drains.
-It helps to clean quickly and manage of hygiene in the large area.
Basic Principle
When adding the diluted chlorine at both electrodes to the diluted hydrochloric acid in the undivided electrolytic ceel, at the both electrodes the chlorine (Cl2) is generated, which produce the weak acidity hypochlorous acid water.
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Test Reports of HOCl water
1. Disinfectant for Agriculture

-It is research result in an agricultural experimental station, Nagano prefecture, 2004.

-It can reduce the bacteria on surfaces and the air, and sterilize main germs
in mushroom house by spraying Weak acidity Hypochlorous Acid Water (HOCl).

2. Grow Cabbage

-This is learning activity result of teacher named Fujimori Akio in Kanagawa prefectural an agricultural high school.

-It is effect to disinfect using Weak acidity Hypochlorous Acid water (HOCl) from the growing cabbage.
3. Avian Influenza (AI)

-Hpai Virus (Influenza) > Influenza A Virus Subtype H1N1 > Infection from human to human or pigs > Epidemicity.

-HCl confirms effect of Avian Influenza in medicine laboratory, by Dr. Liu Haijie who is professor in college of agriculture in China, and Harbin Veterinarian.

-Sterilizes various harmful bacteria such as Excherichia coli, Cholera, Dysentery, 0157 Bacteria, Vibrio bacteria, and Staphylococcus!
A necessity of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)!
Bactericidal Spectrum of HOCl
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