Washing of vegetable, fruits and ingredients

NaOClean is a highly effective disinfecting water. You can sterilize many kind of bacteria on the surface of fruit, cucumber, lettuce, sesame leaf, ingredients, processed food and etc with a single cycle.


NaOClean is highly effective when it is applied to agriculture. It creates clean environment for animals by deodorizing and sterilizing farms and stalls.

Meat & Fishery Industry

The bacterial contamination of meat is an ever present problem. NaOClean is a suited solution to clean the preparation areas, such as packing cases and food handling environmnet. Furthermore NaOClean guarantees the freshness of food by reducing food preparation time.

Hospitals and Public Facilities

Hospitals and public spaces must maintain the highest level of cleanliness. Bathrooms, washbowls, and many indoor spaces can be sanitized and become smell-free. It maintains clean and sanitary environment in and outdoors. NaOClean will solve the major health problem in facilities.

Odor treatment

NaOClean has powerful effects on eliminating bad odor and bacteria for food waste.


NaOClean is safe to use: harmless to the body and food. Also it has been shown to be highly effective in disinfecting bacteria such as E.Colis.aureus, v.parahaemolyticus and s.ty phi which are commonly found in dishware.

Management of pets

NaOClean will help to clean pet's fur and remove the bad smell.

Lingering odor after perm

Lingering odor is a problem for manufacturers and customers of permanent waves, whether the perm is administered in a salon or at home. The complex chemical properties of perms not only produce lasting curl, but also a lasting, recognizable smell that may remain for days or weeks. Getting rid of a permanent wave smell has been a problem and NaOClean has a powerful deodorizing effects. It helps remove a bad smell like perm by washing your hair.


NaOClean can also make you feel refreshed by spraying on your clothes. Especially it is effective to maintain the clean environment for kids who are easily infected by bacteria. I can easily remove bad odor on your cloths. Note that using NaOClean on dyed clothes is not recommended.

Closet Odor

NaOClean is highly effective to remove the bad smells in your closets. It can also maintain the highest level of cleanliness by killing the bacteria that causes the odor.

Hand sanitizing

Hand often act as vectors that carry diseases-causing pathogens from person to person. NaOClean helps to prevent diseases caused by not washing hands


NaOClean disinfects toys for kids. It is sanitary to spray or soak into the NaOClean water. This can help prevent kids with a weak immune systems from various diseases. More importantly, it is safe for kids and easy for mothers to use.

Foot care

NaOClean reduces underarm and foot odor. Also, you can prevent athlete's foot by soaking your feet into the NaOClean water for several days.

Hemostasis effect

NaOClean is effective in hemostasis of the wound or after exodontias.

Stomatitis and mouth ulcer

NaOClean helps treat bad breath, stomatitis and mouth ulcer by gargling occasionally.

All sorts of dermatitis

NaOClean also disinfects your skin by misting or spraying. If your skin suffered from allergy, atopy, or acne, NaOClean will help you to be treated.

Shoes care

Dirty shoes are one of the main causes for foot odor and athlete's foot. In addition to, it may have bad smells and even be decayed after raining. NaOClean will help you to prevent such that problems. It effectively removes bad smells in sneakers, boots, military boots and all sorts of shoes.

Removing bad odor after working

NaOClean is surely designed to clean the fish and meat processing factories and to prevent from many kinds of the risks, such as bacteria problems, bad odor from a rotten fish or meat. Also, it can remove all leftover fish and meat from the processing machine after work. If the machine is too greasy after work, NaOClean can remove with detergent by combining the detergent bottle.

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