Description of NaOClean

Easy to use, Economical

  • Low production cost
  • Rinse water saved
  • Cooking time reduced
  • Number of rinse reduced from 3 to 1

Strong disinfection capability

  • Disinfection - colon bacillus and other bacteria
  • Sterilization - production facility, packing room, apparatus
  • Cleaning and sterilization - vegetables and fruits
  • Sterilization - restaurant floor, wall, tableware
  • Deodorization - toilet
  • Whitening

Environmental friendliness, high safety

  • No second-hand contaminants
  • No chemicals used
  • No strong spell
  • Almost no chemical persistence
  • Soft disinfectant - easy to use
  • Almost no harm to the human skin
  • Ensure human safety


  • Restaurants (including raw fish restaurants)
  • Fast food restaurants (franchises)
  • Accommodations (including condominium)
  • Public bath, sauna
  • Public health care
  • Food and processed food materials management
  • Industries related to agriculture, stock breeding and fishery
  • Food processing
  • Many other public facilities

  Advantages of NaOClean

PERFECT STERILIZATION without a second-hand contamination

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Low production cost

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Easy to use with
one touch operation

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Stronger disinfection
than other chemicals

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Use diverse and wide areas

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