Strong Acid Generator (for Medicals)
Sterilizing / Deodorizing / Easy / Safety "NaOClean"
Product Detail
01)Control board - 02)Door handle - 03)Side glass - 04)Disinfectant flow button - 05)Disinfectant outlet part

Disinfectant Generator
AC 110 or 220V, 50/60Hz,
max. 300W
W260 X D560 X H580 mm
about 20kg
2.0~3.0 Strong acid
50~70ppm (ORP: more than 1100mV)
Features of Strong Acid Water (HOCl)
1. A Cost effective
It is very economical that a small amount of HCl makes the large amount of disinfectant.

2. Strong Sterilizing power
It replaces the existing chemicals, and has much strong sterilizing power than chemicals.

3. Safe and Clear solution
When it compares to the existing chemicals, NaOClean makes a safe and clear solution by generating disinfecting water easily on site.

4. Prevent Diseases
Prevent diseases by eliminating germs and bacteria on the surface of all kinds of stuff. (If you're worried about corrosion, please wash out just one time while chemicals is needed to rinse more than 4 times.)
  Disinfection of Clothes, mask and more

-Prevent microorganism such as bacteria and germs on the personal clothes, mask, gloves through sterilizing

-It can effectively remove bad odor by soaking them for 5~10 minutes in NaOClean solution. (Be cautious as the solution may bleach the colored textiles.)
  Sanitizing of Medical tools

-You can sterilize many kind of Bacteria on the surface of medical tools and prevent infection from the tools.

*Please note that it is recomended that rinse with tap water once after sterilization with NaOClean solution to prevent of corrosion.
Basic Principle
The diluted hydrochloric acid is provided into the undivided electrolytic bath and the chlorine (Cl2) is generated by electrolysis, which produce the Strong acid water.
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